Family health, history and culture sit at the top of the A-zone365 tree.  The aim is to create as many happy families as possible, that stay together through good and challenging times to enjoy life experiences, providing a bright future for the world we live in (people and environment).   In the digital age it is noted that children and teenagers can also feel overwhelmed/lost at a crucial developmental period in their life.  Specific teenage and children zones were designed as part of the family section.  

Over 20 years a variety of experiences have been gathered to assist the family and children section such as:

  • Coaching primary school children and high school teenagers
  • Coaching adults in the workplace and at home utilizing health and wellness programs which showed the pressures of everyday life, work and home, including causes of family negative and positive health 
  • Coaching and training in social, semi-professional and elite sport at junior and senior level
  • Corporate (City) and remote health programs including farming and mining witnessing the pressures on adults and children (families) when things were tough, resulting in many family units splitting including suicides
  • Health research and study at University, reading books, priceless time on the ground in the worksite, sporting fields, schools and family home placed pieces of the positive and negative health puzzle together 
  • Evolution:  Mapping negative and positive changes within families, children and teenagers, workplaces and society has also been interesting over the last 20 plus years.  This included economical triggers, technological influences, identity struggles as well as stress, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention systems

Health affects of the above list (SWOT)

Health affects on family were interesting to note, with obesity and diabetes growing in many countries. Economical boom periods saw back yards built in and houses growing bigger, with games rooms and mega plasma TV’s replacing outdoors family time.  Computers went from being 20kg’s of plastic and metal, to a phone weighing a few hundred grams, with TV, internet and your complete workplace within a meter of you 24 hours a day.  Narcissism and being judgmental reached epidemic proportions as a result, pressures on men, women, teenagers and children to look a certain way increased a hundred fold. Pressure on children to wear makeup has increased while the ages of those using it have decreased.  Attitudes of expectance produced negative change in family homes and workplaces that had been relatively stable for decades.  Communication (connection) has never been easier, yet many have never felt more disconnected.  In the everyday rush of life, families and their health struggled to keep up with these new distractions.

The 24-hour competition syndrome

In this period of change, neighborhood, workplace, friends and family competitions seem to spiral out of control.  It seemed everyone is competing against everyone for seemingly everything.   From back yard renovations, gardening, clothes worn, cars driven, weekend activities, how to tie a knot, boil water, turn a steak and how not to burn toast.  This never-ending un-necessary competition places tremendous pressure on individuals and households (insecurity, jealousy, ego, pettiness).  This never-ending competition makes living a toxic cycle within many work places and family homes.  The technological disconnection of the family home, socially and at work has seen some of cultures good traits take a backward step, into a negative health zone.  All of the above occurred so quickly, almost no family or workplace had a plan to prevent this negative cycle and maintain what they had (a simpler more enjoyable life).  Workplaces struggled to keep new employees focused and sporting teams, struggled continuously with poor behavior. Teachers have never complained more about how hard it is to provide a controlled positive undistracted learning environment.  A massive arm wrestle was at hand, one at least partly incubated in family homes, triggered by advertising and insecurity that many never identified.  Why did so few people identify this negative health system? If we do not seek to preserve the good in people, culture and family, where does this lead us?   The bigger questions are “who is leading us there? Why?  Why follow a negative family health system?  Where does it take us in life?”

Level/Phase 1 Solution

The family unit has never been more distracted, with the exception of maybe when dinosaurs were chasing cave women and men around.  A lack of goal setting stands at the top of the pile as major hurdles most people put in front of their life achievement, whether that is for a child to go fishing, or play with friends.   A teenager might want to do well at school, sport and gain employment.  Adult family members might dream of work life and family balance, more quality time, while regaining some lost wellness and a few old hobbies.  Most people fail to achieve their goals without a plan or system.  Think about life this way, companies you pay bills to have a system to make sure you pay, and penalize if you do not.  Your workplace or school has a system to track each day you are at work, by the hour.  Socially there are rules you have to abide by to drive or bus all the way home.  Buying coffee is prepared by a plan/system.  

If you walk into this planned equation (life), without a plan to have fun, share memories with family, retain your health, focus children’s energy, you are walking into life planned at every angle, without a family health plan to offset it.  The offsetting is for you to enjoy more excitement, leave a legacy (family) and achieve a few of your own goals.  Nobody wants life run by everyone else, resulting in a feeling of being out of control, lacking direction, satisfaction, with no time to relax.

Goal setting and having something to look forward to be so important that A-zone365 uses this system as a primary focus with stress, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. Sometimes one page of focused dreams can change a life in a positive way forever.  Good luck on your exciting life journey.