Australian Outdoors and History

Experiences growing up on cattle stations (Outback Australia), guiding in Kakadu National Park as well as living in country farming and coastal towns throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory will be shared in this section. A connection to country, culture and people means a lot to those who care about our history and future.  Stay tuned for future posts that will showcase the Australian outdoors.



The Outdoors and history section will include stories and pictures of people and environment while travelling around this great country of ours.  It will take time to build as all of this is collected over large distances, often in remote areas.  This section is not a replacement of existing outdoors or history organizations, it is a celebration of the outdoors and history through a first person lens by those who care and marvel at the amazing people and environment we live with and in.  Enjoy the journey, while remembering that this is not a competition zone, consider it an appreciation zone where you can relax, and maybe pencil in a future holiday location to explore the great outdoors.

Fishing history and evolution with Rod "Harro" Harrison and A-Zone365